More Than A Buzzword: Holistic Dentistry

If you Google the word “holistic” (or look it up old style, in the dictionary) you’ll get a definition that goes something like this: putting an emphasis on the body’s parts, and their relation to the whole. The word has been trendy for a decade or more, but at Brentwood Dental Designs in Epping NH, “holistic” is a lot more than a buzzword.

As a holistic dental practice we do not use dental materials that could be harmful to the rest of your body. A classic example would be traditional, or “amalgam,” fillings. They use mercury, which is a known toxin. For that reason alone, we do not, and will never, use amalgam fillings.

Since we’re on the subject, we’d like to note that as recently as September 2020, the American Dental Associaton reaffirmed its position that amalgam fillings are safe. Be that as it may, you can be assured that the fillings we use are mercury-free.


To put things another way, the services we provide are good not just for your teeth and gums, but for the rest of your body, too. Caring for your mouth,  body, and even your mind is our priority.

Sometimes you hear holistic dentistry described as “alternative.” That’s another buzzword! Yes, the procedures and materials we use are not the same as with what might be called a “traditional” dentist. That’s because we are committed to your overall health. It’s the way we’ve always been and the way we always will be.

At Brentwood Dental Designs in Epping NH, holistic dentistry means we understand that healthy teeth and gums are essential to your overall health. People from Brentwood, Exeter, and Rye come to us for amalgam fillings removal, and many other services. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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