Spring Fever

As March comes to a close and April quickly approaches, you can bet we are in full spring mode at the office. Our winter decorations are neatly packed away to make room for cheery spring colors and a new succulent here and there.

Even though spring is still a bit chilly around here, we’re thankful to see the sun shining through our windows. We have to admit, though, a tropical vacation sounds pretty good right about now. Costa Rica, Aruba, and Barbados are all on our dream destination list – really anywhere warm with a beautiful beach is fine with us! For now, we’ll continue to cozy up next to the fireplace while we patiently wait for warmer days to come.

Now that the days are longer, we’ve got our doors open to let in as much fresh air as we can get! We’re making it a goal to set aside more time for exercise and can’t wait to get moving outside, and the sunshine provides excellent motivation! Speaking of which, every year, we usually participate in local 5K races – maybe we’ll see some of you! For more leisurely sunny day activities, we love hiking with our families and dogs or simply curling up with a good book outside.

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We hope you are enjoying spring so far! Have a wonderful rest of the month and we look forward to seeing you soon.