Biomimetic Restorations

New Hampshire patients go to Dr. Tamatha Johnson for biomimetic dentistry near Exeter, NH.Our team at Brentwood Dental Designs now offers biomimetic restorations for beautiful and healthy smiles! Biomimetic dentistry is also frequently referred to as tooth-conserving dentistry and is designed to keep as much of the natural tooth intact as possible. Dr. Tamatha Johnson is skilled in biomimetic restorations and tooth-conserving holistic dentistry.

“Always a great visit and experience. The only problem is you make all the other medical practices look bad!” -Allen K.

How Can Biomimetic Restorations Help Me?

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on a more conservative restoration of the tooth and can be implemented in various ways, including:

  • Cavities and Fillings: Traditional fillings can eventually break down. With biomimetic methods, the dentist utilizes leading-edge technology to perform treatments that preserve the tooth.
  • Dental Crowns: We use advanced dental techniques to maintain natural strength and durability. With precision tools and materials, the restoration can handle daily stress better than a traditional crown and may last longer.

How Is Biomimetic Dentistry Different From Traditional Dentistry?

For decades, going to the dentist has involved a lot of drilling, filing, and cutting away tooth structure to make way for dental work. With biomimetic restoration, the goal is to keep the natural tooth from breaking down. We can bond parts of the tooth together or add pieces that are missing without taking away large amounts of the natural tooth.

Girl after undergoing a biomimetic restoration near Rye, NH.How Do Biomimetic Restorations Work?

Biomimetic restorations use advanced dental technology to repair the tooth, so it looks and acts natural. Biomimetic tooth restoration involves a layering of different materials like composite and flexible fibers, which allows the restorations to respond better to normal use of your teeth.

As a holistic dentistry office, we understand the importance of keeping as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Your overall health often depends on the health of your teeth, which is why we are constantly striving to find better dentistry techniques and technology.

Our goal is to prevent our patients from needing excessive dental work and to help them lead pain-free, healthy lifestyles.

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