Oxygen/Ozone Therapy

Young Woman Pink Shirt Dental Office Visits in Epping NH - Ozone Therapy Tamatha L Johnson Brentwood Dental Designs New HampshireOzone has revolutionized the way we practice! We utilize oxygen/ozone therapy in all aspects of dental care to treat the cause of the problem— not just the symptoms. This produces a proactive and integrative approach to treatment rather than solely engaging in damage control.

How Ozone Therapy Works

Ozone is a highly useful, naturally occurring compound that we can use to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Americans are currently using ozone to sterilize water, air, and produce.

Though sterilizing substances we consume every day is highly beneficial, we are excited about how ozone therapy can make a difference in dentistry, too!

Harmful microbes— such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi— lack the antioxidants that our cells have. Without these antioxidants, ozone destroys the cell membranes of harmful microbes, causing them to rupture.

Your own healthy cells have antioxidants, so ozone is only impacting the bacteria and viruses that are harming your oral tissues!

Ozone Therapy Benefits

There are numerous benefits associated with ozone therapy, especially when considering the impact to your health as well as overall safety.

Effective, Low-Impact Treatments

Through ozone therapy, we can destroy the bacteria and viruses that cause distressing oral symptoms without impacting the cells that make up your oral tissues. Your cells have natural protection against oxidation, so ozone does not impact your cells while destroying harmful microbes.

Aside from the impact on the cellular level, we can provide effective treatment that has no side effects on the rest of your body. There is no lingering discomfort or uncomfortable sensation after you walk out of our office as there is with some other dental procedures.

We can often treat gum disease, some instances of dental decay, and other oral conditions without resorting to procedures like drilling, root canals, fillings, crowns, and other measures to restore the health of your mouth.

Low-impact treatments like ozone therapy allow us to effectively treat oral conditions painlessly! This is a tremendous relief to those who suffer from dental anxiety, which is just another ozone therapy benefit that we are happy to pass along to our patients.

Hypoallergenic Treatments

One of the other key ozone therapy benefits is that you cannot be allergic to ozone. This makes ozone therapy an excellent choice because we know we are using a substance that will not cause any distressing symptoms.

Ozone breaks down into water and oxygen, two substances your body needs to survive. Rather than using medications and cleansers with artificial ingredients, we can use a naturally-occuring substance to treat your dental conditions.

Biological Treatments at Brentwood Dental Designs!

We love the ozone therapy benefits that we can offer all of our patients! We want to restore your oral health painlessly here at our office. Call today if you want to experience the ozone therapy benefits offered by your dental home.