Dental Extractions

Tooth extractions have long been part of the common perception of what dentists do. From cartoons to games to word-of-mouth stories and urban legends, we are surrounded by the image of dental extractions. 

Unfortunately, not all of those images are complimentary, and many aren’t at all true. In fact, some of these false ideas cause a great deal of anxiety and fear for people who are already worried about dental visits.

Here at Brentwood Dental Designs, we have two goals when it comes to tooth extractions: 

  • Put your mind at ease about what extractions are and why they happen.
  • Provide you top-quality treatment in a comfortable environment.Couple from Exeter, New Hampshire were relieved to each get wisdom teeth extractions.

What Are Dental Extractions?

The simple answer is that an extraction is when you have a tooth pulled. This can be necessary for many reasons:

Threat to Adjacent Teeth | If the damage or decay of one tooth threatens to damage other teeth, it can be more beneficial in the long run to simply remove the problem tooth. This may involve a cavity that has spread to its surroundings. It might also look like a crooked tooth that is putting too much pressure on its neighbors.

Damage is Too Widespread | We do everything we can to save as many teeth as we can. However, if the tooth has been too damaged to repair or decay has spread through it for too long before coming to us, there may be nothing we can do to save the tooth. Having a severely damaged tooth pulled will help you chew more easily again.

Impaction | Impaction happens when a tooth is trying to grow up through the gum and isn’t able to do so. This can happen when it is growing sideways, growing upside down, or running into other teeth. Any of these circumstances will prevent the tooth from emerging correctly, and it becomes stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Overcrowding | Some mouths have too many teeth. Others have very small jaws. In both cases, having too many teeth fighting for space in the mouth causes them to become crooked. Overcrowding can potentially misalign the bite and increase the risk for cavities.

Wisdom Teeth | Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the most common dental procedures. Almost everyone has a third set of molars that tries to grow in at approximate ages 18–20. Unfortunately, most of us also have jaws that are too small to hold these teeth, causing several of the symptoms listed above, including impaction and overcrowding.

Childhood Extraction | The health of our adult teeth is very directly impacted by the health of the baby teeth that came before them. Tooth extraction may sometimes be necessary in a child who still has baby teeth, in order to prepare the mouth properly for healthy, well-aligned adult teeth.

Bone Preservation and Tooth Removal

Older woman from Exeter, New Hampshire needed to have a tooth pulled.
Whatever the reason for extraction, rest assured that Brentwood Dental Designs has your full-body health in mind as we treat you. Every treatment we provide is designed to bring you to a state of balance, health, healing, and peace of mind.
When we do have to extract a tooth for you, we pay close attention to how the loss of that tooth will impact your bone density. Each tooth has roots that stimulate the jawbone. When you have a tooth pulled, those stimulating roots are no longer in place to keep your jawbone healthy.

In order to preserve that bone, we may be able to place a dental implant after your tooth removal. This implant will take the place of the tooth roots and stimulate your jawbone. It will also provide a base for a replacement crown, so you do not have to suffer from the pain and difficulty of a missing tooth.

Prior to tooth removal, we will talk to you about your options when it comes to preserving bone and replacing your teeth. The suggestions we make will be made with your overall health in mind as well as the functionality and beauty of your smile.

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At Brentwood Dental Designs, you can find professional staff, a comfortable office space, and a mission through biological dentistry to help you as a whole person— not just your set of teeth. If you have any questions about our available treatments or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.